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When do I need to contact the school about my student possibly needing to quarantine?

  1. If your student or anyone in the household tests positive to COVID-19, or
  2. If your student has been directly exposed (6 feet/15 minutes) to anyone who has tested positive to COVID-19, or
  3. If notified by the health department of the need to quarantine.

Who do I contact about my student needing to quarantine?

  1. Please call the IHMS attendance office at 801-826-7110 during school hours, or
  2. After school hours, please email an IHMS administrator with your contact information and student name:  (Last name beginning A-K)  (Last name beginning L-Z)

When can my student return to school from quarantine?

  1. The date of return is included in the email from the school nurse and in the letter from the Health Department. That date is calculated on the required 14 days of quarantine starting the day after the LAST day of exposure.
  2. The first date of possible testing 7 days after the LAST day of exposure is also stated in the email received from the nurse. Any tests prior to this date are not acceptable for a student to be able to return to school before the required 14 day date.
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