Attendance Policy

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Regular attendance and participation at school are the keys to success at IHMS.  Each student is expected to be in class every period of the day unless properly excused. Frequent absences of students from the day-to-day classroom experiences disrupt the instructional process. The benefits of instruction, once lost, cannot be entirely regained. The entire process of education requires a continuity of instruction, class participation, learning experience, and study. Students are expected to be in attendance every school day in order to receive maximum benefit from their educational endeavor.

When students are absent for legitimate reasons the parent or guardian must call the Attendance Office at 412-2556. If you go to the doctor at any time and are absent from school as a result of that illness, please provide a note from the doctor to the Attendance Office.

The student must make up all missed work according to each teacher’s make-up policy.

Utah has a Compulsory Education statute that requires students to attend school except when a parent excuses the student’s absence for legitimate reasons.  A legitimate and verified excuse from school must be in the form of a note from a doctor, dentist, orthodontist or other medical professional.  If attending a family funeral, the parent must call the attendance office.

Reasons for which absence may be excused:

  • Illness (verified by doctor note provided to Attendance Office)
  • Medical appointments (provide doctor note to Attendance Office from dentist/orthodontist/doctor)
  • Family wedding, family emergencies
  • Death of family member or close friend
  • Family activity or travel consistent with district/school policy (Educational Leave)
  • Court appearance

Check In/Out

If students arrive after 8:15 a.m., they must check in with the attendance office. When students must leave school during the day, it is their responsibility to obtain a checkout slip from the attendance office. The parents/guardians must come into the attendance office and show a valid ID in order to sign the student out prior to the student leaving the school building.  Only the parents or legal guardians may approve students to be checked out from school.  Students may be released to others listed on their registration card only after the parent or guardian has given direct approval.  If a child is not to be released to a non-custodial parent/guardian listed on the card it is the custodial parent’s responsibility to notify the Attendance Office and provide proof of a protective order or court order.  If a court order is lifted the custodial parent must provide a copy of the court order to the Attendance Office.


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