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November PTSA Board Meeting Notes

Indian Hills Middle School – Nov 2022 PTSA Board Meeting Minutes Nov 7, 2022, 9am-10:35am
IHMS Warrior Room

Welcome: Lisa Kendrick- PTSA President

Attendance and Volunteer Hours: Melanie Ferguson, Secretary ● Approval of Oct meeting minutes

○ Approved by Anne Lavigne and Sarah Munson

Budget: Anne,Treasurer

  • Budget – see attached budget
  • Teacher Grants all approved
    • Tessa Homer
    • Yudan Lei
    • Sarah Rodney
    • Amy Dawson

Teacher’s Report: Doug

PLCS -every Friday – leaning how to be better teachers
How can we better serve our underserved and underrepresented students? How can PTSA help? SCC will help

Counselor’s Report: Lynette Baird

Community club – slime making – overrun- when doing a project need a sign up –

  • This week is board games

  • December snow day (cotton balls)

  • Kindness campaign Dec – respect

  • Alta pathways for students are on the Alta website – help promote them – feedback for how to make the website better – under academics

    • ●  Also give us feedback for the Alta course cards if they are too hard

    • ●  Blank slate freshman

    • ●  CSI class is only concurrent enrollment class a freshman can take, photo class, CE on

      course card means that

    • ●  On booth day the departments also have paths you can take for Math, Science, etc…and different diplomas

    • ●  Grad cords – requirements – to get a math cord, etc….on website

    • Board Business: President-Lisa Kendrick

    • ○  Come back in Jan with names

    • ○  Please give us names as well – elect

● Nov 18 – Disney dress up day

● Pccrs for 8th graders due Nov 22nd

● Vote on Nominating Committee – Debbie Jorgensen, Anne Lavigne, Sarah Munson, alternates

Melanie Ferguson, Karilyn McRoberts – Lynette Baird passed the motion to vote, Teneil 2nd it –

voted in unanimously

● Monthly Spirit Day – Nov 7 – Karilyn

Service – lunch activity notes to veterans – Thank a veteran – cards

  • The cards are going to west valley veterans day dinner – and other various veteran organizations

  • Wear red, white and blue

    Spirit Day December 5 – Respect – Karilyn – student board dress up idea – regards for feelings, looking for good on everyone, positive words, as anti bullies, gossips, etc

■ positive -respect – student board respect paper – put positive post-its on it

  • ●  PTSA membership- Meghan 249 – goals 300

  • ●  PTSA Student Board – Teneil and Emily

○ 20 kids come helped make poster last week, 2nd Wed, respect posters, video announcements

  • ●  Proposal for a stomp –

    • ○  Doug – Have to have other activities and not refer to it as a stomp as it will be include a variety of activities and do it during the day – we have staff during the day, no food in cafeteria, probably better to not have food, can’t have a year book signing in the cafeteria because kids write on stuff

    • ○  We could make it a reward for a make a wish tentatively March 31 or at the end of the school year May 22, 2023 – two possible dates

  • ●  Spirit Wear-Melinda

    • ○  We have orders to fill every Monday

    • ○  Sell at various concerts

  • ●  Reflections- Tamara and Allison

    • ○  7 entries all move on

    • ○  How to present awards?

      • One morning before school, 730, take pics, bring entries, sign for gift cards,


      • Tues Nov 15 730am, Teneil will come help, Doug will reserve the room

  • ●  Memory Books – Teneil and Jenny

○ Get a cover contest for memory

● Legislative VP – Teneil
○ Advocacy Conference Nov 9 “Strong Families Build Strong Students”

  • ●  Public Relations VP – Sarah

    • ○  In and out $300

    • ○  Cafe Rio Nov 17

      • Draper-11to9

      • Say school name

      • Link through app on the qr code

    • ○  Kneaders in Jan and one more later

  • ●  Staff Appreciation- Amourette – candy apples last month – even custodians

    • ○  Next month – pies any way you slice it

    • ○  Dec – coffee hot, chocolate bar, herbal tea

      Principal’s Report:

      1. Vote

  1. Veterans Day – wall of honor

  2. Food drive end of month

  3. Make a wish in Feb

Board Meetings:

Nov 2&3 *PTSA student board meeting 3-4pm to make food drive posters
Oct 31-Nov 4 *College Week
*Nov 4 Wear College Gear
Nov 7 * PTSA Board Meeting at 9am in Warrior Room, *Spirit Day Service – Wear red, white and blue Nov 9 *Citizen of the Month 7:30am, *PTA Advocacy Conference
Nov 11 *Veterans Day – Wall of Honor
Nov 16 *PSTA Student Board Meeting after school
Nov 17 *Spirit Night at Café Rio 11am-9pm
Nov 18 *Mickey and Minnie Bday- Disney Dress Up Day
Nov 23-25 *No School
Nov 30-Dec 14 *School Food Drive

PTSA Board Meetings—the first Monday of each month at 9am.

Next meeting is Dec 5


5 (M) PTSA Executive and Board Meeting 9am

5 (M) Spirit Day – Respect

14 (W) Citizen of the Month 7:30am

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