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Frequently Asked Questions

Back to School & Registration Questions

  1. When registering my child for school I noticed a class fee for a “Guitar Rental – $0.00”, however I my child didn’t sign up for this class.
    – Guitar rentals are optional fees that show up on Revtrak for all students, if you do not need to rent a guitar, please disregard this fee as it is optional.

  2. Will students be assigned and able to use a locker this year?
    – Yes, locker assignments will be provided to students.  Locker numbers and combinations are available on Skyward under Student Information.

  3. Are students allowed carry backpacks this year?
    – Yes, students are allowed a moderate to small sized backpack to carry their Chromebooks and pencil pouches.

  4. Will classes be held in person on Friday’s this year?
    – Yes, Fridays will be held in person.  The district has switched to an early-out Friday schedule.  Classes will run from 8:05 AM – 1:20 PM.

  5. After registration is completed, when will my child’s class schedule be released to them?
    – Schedules will be released Monday, August 8th, after 3:00 PM.

  6. When will my child be provided their Chromebook for the upcoming school year?
    – Chromebooks will be handed out the first week of school. 
    Aug. 15th – 8th Grade
    Aug. 16th – 7th Grade
    Aug. 17th – 6th Grade

  7. What are the prices for breakfast and lunch? 
    – Breakfast costs $1.25 each day.  Lunch costs $2.25.  Reduced breakfasts and lunch prices are available for qualifying families.  Visit the district’s website for more information and to apply.

  8. When will my child learn which lunch they are assigned to?
    – Students will be given lunch assignments during the first day of school. A lunch and B lunch are combined with 7th & 8th grade students and C lunch is specifically assigned to 6th grade students.

  9. Where can I find a list of supplies my student will need for back to school?
    – Indian Hills will be provide all students a pencil pouch with pencils, pens, colored pencils, glue sticks, and highlighters along with a notebook on the first day of school.


End of Term & Report Card Questions

How do I get my report card?

Canyons School District is moving toward a paperless environment.  Indian Hills Middle School does not send a paper report card home; however, we will continue to save them in an electronic format that you can access through Skyward. 

To view and/or print a copy of your student’s Report Card, login to your Family Access account in Skyward. If you do not have a device to see this information, please contact your school.

Parent Instructions to view and/or print Student Report Cards

  1. Go to the Canyons District web page canyonsdistrict.org
  2. Click Skyward
  3. Click Family Access
  4. Login to Skyward Family Access with your parent login and password
  5. Click on Student Password/Report Cards/SAGE Results from the left side of screen
  6. If you have multiple students, choose the student from the top of your screen
  7. Click on the current year Report Card Term that you want to view.
  8. Click View Report

Thank you for your continuing support of Canyons School District.



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