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PTSA Board Meeting Minutes

Indian Hills Middle School – Jan 2023 PTSA Board Meeting Minutes
Jan 9, 9am-10:30 IHMS Warrior Room

Welcome: Lisa Kendrick- PTSA President

Attendance and Volunteer Hours: Melanie Ferguson, Secretary

December minutes approved by Doug and Amorrette

Budget: Anne, Treasurer
● Budget – see attached budget
● Teacher Grants
○ Muehlstein approved

Teacher’s Report: Jennifer
Loved the Starbucks – everything done has really been appreciated
● Students are super wild – help the kids settle down – appreciate parent support
○ Disrespect from students for more than one infraction
○ Get first 5 minutes to be better
○ PBIS points is not a good incentive for some kids
○ Different path than used to be – getting a like online or in class is important to people –
behaving doesn’t get me a like –
I’ve got to be entertained every minute or I’m going to swipe
● Thanks for history day support!
● When can we get rid of the Chromebook?
○ We built this beautiful house how can we still use it in blended learning so we don’t just throw it away
○ How can we use those responsibly?
○ Math – can’t get them to use paper and pencil to do math computations on paper – if you hit the button enough it gives you the right answer
○ Teachers are genuinely trying to transition back to half and half but it is very effective for grading
○ How do we get the kids to not just click, click, click, – they should know the information before they leave the class
○ Warrior support is helpful too
○ Reach out to teacher and let them know your concern
○ Help them understand that their behavior is affecting them not teachers – it’s all about them
○ Managing how to manage computers – can’t close them down and so some kids are
watching videos or getting around the screens –
○ It’s hard – but they aren’t going away and we are trying to figure out this tool 

Counselor’s Report: Lynette Baird
8th graders turn in schedules at the end of month and other grades do as well
Community club once a month only
Schedule changes none

Board Business: President-Lisa Kendrick
● Bylaws
○ Approved and voted on unanimously
● Will need volunteers at 5th grade orientation to sell apparel – Debbie will get the volunteers and
we can have a sign up sheet for positions we need in PTSA next year● Nominating Committee Update – Debbie Jorgensen, Anne Lavigne, Sarah Munson, alternates
Melanie Ferguson, Karilyn McRoberts – will have more next month
● Monthly Spirit Day – Jan 9 – Karilyn
○ Hard Work and Resilience – fun games at lunch
○ Karilyn will be gone next month so she will plan something and give it to Lisa to head up
● PTSA membership- Meghan currently at 251
○ Valentine’s day we love PTA – visual of what we have done so far to help them see
● PTSA Student Board – Teneil and Emily
○ Day for capitol Feb 9
○ Have we heard how many students the PTSA will cover? It was retroactive last year so we have to pay up front?
○ Teneil will send Terry an email
○ Anybody who wants to go
○ We might need more parent volunteers – take bus with Alta
○ Doug got a memo from Susan Edwards as well saying you can use them but probably not for PTSA
● Spirit Wear-Melinda – push on 5th graders
○ Idea for next year would be can they order them individually and get shipped to their homes – no more mass orders – order and then – Anne will help send out next year if they won’t ship
○ Voted on spirit wear for next year – they like the mountain scene – Lisa will check to make sure it works
● Memory Books – Teneil and Jenny
○ We had 15 entries for memory book – vote on favorite – even if don’t win we can get them in the book – map your way to success
● Legislative VP – Teneil
○ Starts this month – watch for emails
● Public Relations VP – Sarah
○ Kneaders in Draper 5-8pm Jan 10
● Staff Appreciation- Amourette
○ Clorox wipes sparkling clean new Year – haven’t decided the date yet – and some
type of drink
○ Feb – survival station -like popcorn and chip and candy
○ Will need a sign up genius – Amorette will text Debbie the exact numbers they
○ March – plant gardening

Principal’s Report:
● Starting intro to school wide activity – told them about incentives and how they can get in
○ Positive feedback from students
○ Teachers think it is good too – maybe too easy to get in but they understand it
○ The kids were outstanding during the assemblies
● Make a wish is Feb 6 -17
● Feb 27-28 ptcs Monday is in person and Tues online
● Red ribbon week – March 13-17 is that ok? Yes that is fine
● As a school we are receiving 31 spots for students to go to a practice session all star team players Feb sometime
○ Method of selection is I would like to….and why – 5 boys and 5 girls from each grade level

Board Meetings: PTSA Board Meetings—the first Monday of each month at 9am.
Next meeting is Feb 6

9 (M) PTSA Executive and Board Meeting 9am
9 (M) Spirit Day – Hard Work and Resilience
10 (T) Spirit Night @ Kneaders Bakery & Cafe 5-8 pm
11 (W) Citizen of the Month 7:30am
12 (Th) Quarter Ends
13-16 (Fri-Mon) MLK Recess
18 (W) Alta Assembly during School for 8th graders (at IHMS)
26 (th)– Orientation Night for Parents Students (at Alta) 6 pm for 8th
26 (TH) Group Picture Day
31 (T) 5th Grade Orientation Open House 6pm
1 (W) Alta Counselors at IHMS to collect Scheduling Cards (ELA classes)
6 (M) Executive and Board Meeting 9am
6 (M) Spirit Day – Wellness
8 (W) Citizen of the Month 7:30am
9 (Th) – CTE fieldtrip to Alta during students ELA classes for 8th
6-17 Make a Wish Fundraiser
27-28 (M/T) PT Conferences
27 (M) PTSA Teacher Dinner 3pm
Day at the Capital?

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