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Weekly Newsletter March 11

March 11, 2024

Dear Indian Hills Middle School Community:

We are excited to reach the halfway point of our annual Make-A-Wish fundraiser! I have been impressed so far with the generosity and excitement of our students to contribute to this worthy cause.

Our 6th grade students are leading the way thus far, although the 7th grade teams have been working to outdo the 6th graders’ efforts at last count. And let’s not underestimate the 8th graders who could be poised for a come-from-behind victory.

The winning grade will attend a celebratory assembly at the end of March to meet Isla, our Make-A-Wish student. Thanks to all who have helped tally the funds each day and those who have supported the spirit days!

Congratulations to our Performing Arts Students as they performed in their recent concerts and festivals. Last week our Dance Company participated in a showcase with middle and high school students at Hillcrest High. Concert Band and Orchestras performed admirably at Libby Gardner Concert Hall on the U of U campus as part of the elite qualifiers for the state festivals. And our choir students will participate in their festival this week!

Make-A-Wish Fundraiser: We are thrilled to continue our Make-A-Wish Fundraiser this final week! This special event aims to raise funds for a 3-year-old girl in our community who dreams of going to Disney World. Throughout the fundraiser, we will be hosting a coin drive and welcoming digital donations to support the cause. Your participation and generosity will not only help fulfill a child’s wish but also spread love and positivity throughout our community. Let’s come together to make magic happen!March Library Events: This month the library is sponsoring a March Madness book tournament! We have asked our teachers and staff members to tell us their favorite young adult books. We then paired up the books in a bracket. Brackets should now be completed! The winner with the highest score will win a $40 Amazon shopping

spree! Additionally, a staff selection competition will also be taking place where students need to match each book with the teacher who suggested it. The student who figures out the most matches can also win a $40 Amazon shopping spree. We hope this encourages students to find and read some books they have never read before. Happy reading, everyone!

Digital Citizenship Focus for March: Tech Info & AI

At Indian Hills Middle School, we follow the Warrior Way, which is to be responsible, respectful, and safe. We reinforce these behavioral expectations at all times and places: in class, during passing periods and lunch, and in the digital world. Acting like a Warrior means showing respect for teachers, staff, and fellow students. Being safe means reporting to school staff anytime you see or hear something that makes you feel unsafe. It also means thinking twice before you share something electronically that’s untrue or hurtful. Misinformation, disinformation, and fake or altered AI images show up all over the Internet these days, and as technology improves, it’s getting harder to know if you can believe what you’re seeing. Below are some tips we invite you to discuss at home to reinforce what we’re working on at school.

Tips for Identifying Falsehoods Before Sharing Online

  • Do not text, email, or share something on social media that could hurt others.
  • Check the source: Are you 100 percent sure of its authenticity? If not, don’t share it.
  • Ask yourself, “Who made this and what is his/her expertise? Who is the targeted audience, and who might benefit or be harmed by this message?”
  • Check your gut: If it seems too strange to be true, or unlikely, it probably is untrue.

Chain Lynx Mountain Biking Team: For guys and gals who will be in 7th or 8th grade in the 2024-2025 school year, join us for an informational meeting to see what it’s all about and get all your questions answered. This team is a proud supporter of and feeder to the Alta Mountain Biking club. Want More Info? Come to the kick off or check out our website: chainlynxmtb.org or chainlynxmtb@gmail.com

Chain Lynx Kick Off Night

Thursday, March 21st @ 6:30-7:30pm

Indian Hills – Kiva

Upcoming Events

•      March 11th-15th

  • Make-A-Wish Fundraiser (school-wide)
    • Spirit Days March 11th-15th (see flyer below)

•      March 13th

  • Choir Concert 6:00 p.m. in the Kiva

•      March 15th:

  • Citizen of the Month 7:30 a.m. in the Warrior Room

•      March 25th:

  • No School Day: End of Quarter Work Day for Teachers

•      March 27th

  • Classic Skating Night for Indian Hills (PTSA-sponsored)

We are better together at Indian Hills Middle School! Indian Hills Middle School Administration

Spirit Days: 11th – 15th

Monday – Favorite Animal Day

  • Costumes or animal clothing

Tuesday – Mismatch Day

  • Wear mismatched colors, patterns, and styles

Wednesday – Daniel Tiger Day

  • Wear Daniel Tiger, tiger stripes, or orange                 

Thursday – Pajama Day                                

  • Pajamas or comfy clothes                                                  

Friday – Inside-Out Day

  • Wear clothes inside out or backwards




Classes start March 6 or 7th 6-8pm

Staying Connected with Your Teen



Learn about parent involvement and connecting with your teen

To register visit slco.to/scwyt 

Indian Hills Middle


Wed. Mar. 27th



I (Rollerskate, Rollerblade and Scooter Rentals Only…$3.00)

OR just bring your own from home!

Pre-Spring Break Fun Night!!

Bring The Whole Family For A Rollin’ Good Time!!




Warrior Support

What it looks like for Students:

  • ●  Students MUST arrive between3:00-3:15 in order to participate inWarrior Support.
  • ●  Students sit at the front of the library at the tables.
  • ●  Students scan a QR code that takes them to a Google Form they fill out.
  • ●  Students ask the teachers questions and work on homework quietly.
  • ●  If teachers are not immediately available, students work on what they can while waiting patiently for help.
  • ●  Only students who need help stay for Warrior Support. Students who do not need the support will head home after 3:30.
  • ●  Students who are not following expectations for library behavior will be invited to return another day for help.
  • ●  Students should submit the Google Form at the END of the time they spend in the library to report what they accomplished with the time.
  • ●  Students must exit the library through the doors to the outside, not back into the building.

What it looks like for Teachers:

  • ●  Teachers come to the library immediately after 7th period.
  • ●  Teachers help students with the QR code to sign into the Google Form.
  • ●  Teachers circulate among students, offering help.
  • ●  Teachers invite students who are not following expectations to leave and try again another day.
  • ●  Teachers ensure that every students who is in the library after 3:30 is here for Warrior Support.
  • ●  Library doors will be locked at 3:30when Miss McGowan leaves. After this, teachers ensure that students in the library are here for Warrior Support only.
  • ●  Teachers have students submit the form to report what they accomplished during the Warrior Support time. Then students exit through the outside door (not into the hallways), tidy up the library, and turn off the lights before leaving.

Warrior Support Time is …
Homework time ⚫ Help Time ⚫ Study Time ⚫ Quiet time

Warrior Support Time is not …
Friend Time ⚫ Goof Off Time ⚫ Hang Out Time

Warrior Support

Tuesdays – Thursdays ⚫ 3:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Purpose: To give students extra support from a teacher to help with homework or concepts not understood during class time.

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