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October 8, 2019 - 3:30 PM

Welcome and Introductions

Committee Members:

  • Grace Acosta, Chair
  • Laurie Marsh, Vice-Chair
  • Doug Graham, Principal
  • Roger Moody, Assistant Principal
  • Kesha Prince, Teacher
  • Roxanne Wolfe, Counselor
    • Aja Steck, Parent
    • Cindy Boyer, Parent
    • Tess Hortin, Parent
    • Mindy Doyle, Parent
    • Jody Hadfield, PTSA President Non-voting

    *Laurie not in attendance.

Future Meeting Dates and Times

  • 2ndTuesday of every month @ 3:30 PM, Main Office Conference Room

                           *April meeting moved to 3rd Tuesday

  • November 12, 2019
  • December 10, 2019
  • January 14, 2020
  • February 11, 2020
  • March 10, 2020
  • April 21, 2020*
  • May 12, 2020

September Meeting Minutes Approved. Tess Hortin Motioned, Principal Graham Seconds, everyone in attendance approved.

Reminder to attend SCC Training at the District Office. All members must attend to be on the board.

Safety Plan – There is a new requirement for the SCC board to review and approve the safety plan. The Principal needs to submit the report at the end of the year.  Focus on 2 or more Safety concerns or items.

Review the Canyons School District Safety Plan, on the Districts website.

Safety Plan Concerns/Ideas:

  • Crosswalk near the Community Building is a concern, crossing guard needed
  • Morning Drop off is a concern, dropping off in multiple locations
  • Possibly setting up a flashing sign – Need to talk to the City
  • Safe Walking Route plan will be submitted to the City from the SCC Board or School
  • Possibly set-up Student Safety Team, look into
  • Safety Education Program for Students
  • “No Parking” signs installed in various locations
  • Flyer to Parents reminding them of Safety plan and drop off/ pick up
  • Students to help direct the Safety Plans, to assist parents/ guardians
  • Social and Emotional support and responses
  • Bullying – Student and Teacher Education and Understanding
  • Second Step Program – Social and Emotional awareness and lessons, integrated into the Educators program (weekly in homeroom). Success at Ridgecrest with tremendous decrease in behavior and conflict issues
  • Netsmart replacement. Need digital media recourse up and working with assembly

We will disucss in the next meeting.

Grace requests that PTSA to be involved with implementing whatever the safety plan will be.

Cell Phone Policy changes. What is the policy and what changes do we make? It’s mostly at Teachers discretion.  If there is a need to have cell phones for learning purposes it needs to be approved by the Principal.  Currently, cell phones and one ear bud are allowed during lunch period.  Do we take phones away for lunch time for social interaction? Do we require that phones be off or on silent in the locker during the day. There are possible addictions to cell phones. There is possible pressure to check social media throughout the day.  We could send out a survey to parents regarding the possible changes? Educate the school staff & office staff about what policy is decided.  In the event of a school emergency, parents should trust the school and administration staff rather than wanting the children to have a phone.

Funding Census coming up-

Looking at the Completed Census Map from a previous year, the darker the area the less accurate or the fewer census reports we received or have recorded. Some of our federal funding is tied to the census. We need to educate parents on the importance of the census with a flyer.  If we start letting our parents know now that this impacts the health and wellness of the school and our programs the better. There is a District Campaign to help make sure we have the funding, however it’s not in place. Some may feel vulnerable to complete the census and that it’s not in their best interest which makes it difficult for us to get funding.


-We Postponed Red Ribbon Week and will combine it with White Ribbon Week in January

-Monday is Chick-Fil-A night, Draper Location

-Sending out forms and flyers for Veterans Day assembly (Students will decorate the Veterans Wall with a Picture & Bio about their Veteran)


Be aware of policies. Such as Spirit Week. Requiring kids to wear their school jersey, some may not have money to purchase shirts. An idea would be to have the students recycle or donate their shirts to the school. Students may receive a voucher to receive a donated shirt, for example.

Canceling Center update-

-Upcoming 8thgrade reviews for college readiness

-Survey, they are anonymous

-Updated Schedule change policy (QR code on flyer or poster).

Meeting adjourned, Motioned by Grace Acosta, Tess Hortin Seconds, all were in favor. 4:45 PM.


Emailed to members


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