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Welcome and Introductions

Committee Members:

  • Grace Acosta, Chair
  • Laurie Marsh, Vice-Chair
  • Doug Graham, Principal
  • Roger Moody, Assistant Principal
  • Kesha Prince, Teacher
  • Roxanne Wolfe, Counselor

*Kesha, Roger and Jody excused.


  • Aja Steck, Parent
  • Cindy Boyer, Parent
  • Tess Hortin, Parent
  • Mindy Doyle, Parent
  • Jody Hadfield, PTSA President Non-voting


Future Meeting Dates and Times:

  • 2nd Tuesday of every month @ 3:30 PM,
    Main Office Conference Room

                          **April meeting moved to 3rd Tuesday

  • January 14, 2020
  • February 11, 2020
  • March 10, 2020
  • April 21, 2020**
  • May 12, 2020

October Meeting Minutes Approved. Tess Hortin Motioned, Principal Graham Seconds, everyone in attendance approved.

Meeting Minutes:

  • Brief overview of ideas discussed, in last meeting, pertaining to Safety Plan
  • Need to focus on 1 idea and the action plan for that idea
  • Ideas discussed:
    • Crosswalk safety
    • Drop off safety & efficiency
    • Safe walking routes (need someone to sit with Roger to discuss SNAP plan)
    • Safety Team/education
    • Social & emotional support, IE suicide
      • We have a new social worker (part time) and therapist, very helpful
      • Our 1st year having this support
      • 2nd step program (from district)
    • Bullying
    • New Ideas brought to table:
      • VAPING
      • DISRESPECT FROM STUDENT BODY; not respecting authority/adults
        • Why is it happening? Possible cell phone, electronics connection, home environment…
      • Lack of Empathy, tied to bullying
        • Discussed how different attitudes are today vs 10 years ago
        • Could include topics on this during Circle Chats
        • Educate students and parents
          • PTA night
        • Took Vote on which Safety Plan idea we feel is best to present to district:
          • Motion for Vaping to be the idea made by Cindy Boyer
          • 2nd by Tess Hortin
          • All board members voted yes for Vaping to be the Safety Plan topic to present to district
        • Vaping: further discussion
          • Principal Graham has requested to be a pilot school for the Vaping Smoke detectors
          • What is the protocol if kids are caught?
          • Principal Graham estimates about 10% of our student body is vaping
            • About 120 students out of our 1200 students
          • Education for parents: on our social media, website, newsletters
          • Have classes include discussion in their circle chats: doing once a month now but will be moving to 2x a month
          • Include an information session about it at PTC
        • Board will each complete the Safety Plan form online, to be completed by next Friday
  • Discussed Digital Literacy Plan/ Digital Citizenship Plan
    • Netsmarts is back: assembly February 18
    • Cindy will ask Jody about moving white ribbon week to Feb 17th.
  • Principal Graham will look into why report cards are not on Skyward.
  • Counseling Department – We have successfully completed CCR meetings with the 8th
  • PTA – Veterans Day Wall of Honor was a success. Principal Graham would like a speaker again for next year. Also, Jody would like to have a Scout troop come and do a flag ceremony.  Digital form to compete and print at home.
  • Left-over food. Our student council is thinking about including a bin for left-over food that can be saved and given to students in need or re-used another day. 

Meeting adjourned, motioned by Roxanne, Cindy Seconds, all were in favor. 4:40 PM.

Emailed to members


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