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Weekly Newsletter Feb 19

February 19, 2023


Dear Indian Hills Middle School Community:


Last week I was reminded about how much students enjoy positive adult connections—and how much I enjoy my interactions with our students.


One of our 7th graders asked me at lunchtime when I planned to drop by the intramural basketball practices and play with them. (I told him I would need to get the rust off of my jump shot and then I would come.) A group of 6th graders enjoyed a discussion with me at lunchtime about my yellow penalty flag which sometimes doubles as a reminder to students about how to behave in the hallways. Yet another student was excited about starting a crochet club and was glad to hear that we plan to add it to Ms. Smith’s Sewing Guild this week.


I love it when I have these positive interactions with our students. They are such great kids and it is a pleasure to work with them each day!



Parent Teacher Conferences will be on Monday, February 26th and Tuesday, February 27th. On Monday, February 26th in-person appointments can be scheduled with teachers between 4:00-8:00 p.m. On Tuesday, February 27th in-person appointments can be scheduled from 4:00-6:00 p.m. with virtual appointments available from 6:00-7:30 p.m.


PTC Appointment sign-ups will be available on Skyward on Tuesday, February 20th at noon thru Monday, February 26th at 10:00 a.m. A message will be sent tomorrow before noon with information on how to sign up. Spanish Interpretation will also be available both nights. Information on the availability of our wellness staff is listed below. We look forward to seeing many of you next week!


PTSA Parent Teacher Conference Volunteers Needed: Our PTSA plans to host a dinner for our teachers on Tuesday, February 27th at 3:00 p.m. Sign up here to assist: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0A48A5A72BAAF94-47862129-ihms#/.


If you would like to help with the survival station in the faculty room, sign up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0A48A5A72BAAF94-47976596-ptcsurvival#/


School Fees: A reminder to check Skyward to be sure that your student’s school fees have been paid for your student’s second semester classes. Instructions for how to do so in Skyward are listed below.


Should you have any questions, you are welcome to call our Main Office to inquire at 801-826-7100. Thank you!


Technology & Cell Phone Use: Recently, our School Community Council, student groups, and Building Leadership Team have reviewed our current electronic device policy at our school. We are currently gathering feedback about what procedures regarding cell phone use would be best for our school as we look to revise our policy for next school year. Also, our monthly digital citizenship focus encourages all of us to be more mindful about the way we use technology. With greater access to information, social media platforms, and AI tools that are new and can be harmful if misused, we want to continue to explore ways to support our students with education and with procedures that can increase student safety both at school and beyond.


Library Events: We had over 150 students participate this past week in our Mystery Valentine activity where students selected a book for a friend (anonymously or not) and sent a valentine in the book. Students loved this activity. Thanks to Ms. McGowan for leading this effort!


Spirit Wear—Show your school spirit with spirit wear, sponsored by our PTSA! See the flyer below for information about placing an online order. Orders are due by Friday, March 1st!


Digital Citizenship Focus for February: Apps and smartphones are designed to capture and keep our attention. In a 2023 study by Common Sense Media, they found that preteens and teens received a median of 237 smartphone notifications per day and that they engaged with 46 notifications per day. Notification management on phones, tablets, and Chromebooks can be an important step in taking control of screen time and minimizing unneeded distractions. https://cnyns.org/3S9WpRj


Upcoming Events


•       February 19th:

  • No School: President’s Day

•       February 24th

  • District Math Counts Competition at IHMS

•       February 26th

  • Parent Teacher Conferences 4:00-8:00 m. in-person

•       February 27th

  • Parent Teacher Conferences 4:00-6:00 m. in-person; 6:00-7:30 p.m. virtual

•       March 1st

  • No School: Teacher compensation day for Parent Teacher Conferences

•       March 4th

  • PTSA Board Meeting Warrior Room 9:00 m.

•       March 6th

  • School Community Council Meeting 4:00 p.m. Warrior Room We are better together at Indian Hills Middle School!

Indian Hills Middle School Administration




T-SHIRTS- $10.20

HOODIE- $20.40





Parent Teacher Conferences – IHMS Student Center


If you would like to meet with or contact anyone in the Student Center- counselors, school psychologist, social worker-we will be available on both nights. Contact information is listed below.




Last Names A-F   Roxann Wolfe 801-826-7122     Roxann.wolfe@canyonsdistrict.org.

Last Names G-N Samantha Panunto 801-826-7129   samantha.panunto@canyonsdistrict.org

Last Names O-Z  Susan Leete 801-826-7121    susan.leete@canyonsdistrict.org


School Psychologist:

Dr. Brandon Segura   801-826-7123        brandon segura@canyonsdistrjct org


School social Worker:

Sarah Gadsby         801-826-7123        sarah.gadsby@canyonsdistrjct.org


The following support classes are available, if needed: Math Lab, and Reading. Please contact your counselor for more information.


For more information and resources, please visit the Student Center website: https://ihmsstudentcenter.wixsite.com/ihms/





Instructions for Making a Payment

Login to Skyward Family Access

Select ‘‘Fee Management” from “General Information” menu on The left Select “Make Online Payment

Select Fee

Enter payment amount and select “Pay with RevTrak

Verify payment amount and elect “Go to Checkout”

If a new customer, select “I am a new customer” and enter your email address. If am a returning customer select “I am a returning customer” and enter your email address and password. Select in.

Entering your billing information, Payment Information and create a password (if needed).

Verify Information for accuracy and select “Complete Order”


As a convenience to parents, Canyons School District now provides parents an easy way to pay for school-related fines. Online payments can be made for fines through the Skyward Family Access parent portal they currently use. We have contracted with RevTrak, a national credit card payment processor, to provide a secure site for making payments.


Parents can make payments online while on their home or work computer, any time of the day. Payments are made through the student’s Skyward Family Access account. A link to Family Access can be found on the school district’s Web site at www.canyonsdristrict.org.


  • MasterCard or Visa (Debit or Credit Card)
  • Skyward Family Access Login and Password

Payments made through Family Access will immediately be posted to the student’s account.All credit card statements will show the payment has been made lo the Canyons School District.


Warrior Support

What it looks like for Students:

  • ●  Students MUST arrive between3:00-3:15 in order to participate inWarrior Support.
  • ●  Students sit at the front of the library at the tables.
  • ●  Students scan a QR code that takes them to a Google Form they fill out.
  • ●  Students ask the teachers questions and work on homework quietly.
  • ●  If teachers are not immediately available, students work on what they can while waiting patiently for help.
  • ●  Only students who need help stay for Warrior Support. Students who do not need the support will head home after 3:30.
  • ●  Students who are not following expectations for library behavior will be invited to return another day for help.
  • ●  Students should submit the Google Form at the END of the time they spend in the library to report what they accomplished with the time.
  • ●  Students must exit the library through the doors to the outside, not back into the building.

What it looks like for Teachers:

  • ●  Teachers come to the library immediately after 7th period.
  • ●  Teachers help students with the QR code to sign into the Google Form.
  • ●  Teachers circulate among students, offering help.
  • ●  Teachers invite students who are not following expectations to leave and try again another day.
  • ●  Teachers ensure that every students who is in the library after 3:30 is here for Warrior Support.
  • ●  Library doors will be locked at 3:30when Miss McGowan leaves. After this, teachers ensure that students in the library are here for Warrior Support only.
  • ●  Teachers have students submit the form to report what they accomplished during the Warrior Support time. Then students exit through the outside door (not into the hallways), tidy up the library, and turn off the lights before leaving.


Warrior Support Time is …
Homework time ⚫ Help Time ⚫ Study Time ⚫ Quiet time

Warrior Support Time is not …
Friend Time ⚫ Goof Off Time ⚫ Hang Out Time

Warrior Support

Tuesdays – Thursdays ⚫ 3:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Purpose: To give students extra support from a teacher to help with homework or concepts not understood during class time.










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