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Weekly Newsletter Jan 8

January 8, 2023

Dear Indian Hills Middle School Community:

The return from a long break can always be a challenge for everyone as the holidays can be filled with joy, rest, and also sadness for some of our students.

My heart was warmed on Tuesday (our first day back from the holiday) when I saw our students filling the hallways. I was able to briefly visit many classrooms that day, and I loved hearing students say hello to me; I also loved hearing about their winter breaks. Many students told me they were happy to be back at school, which is always nice to hear.

Even though it took a just a minute for me to get back in the groove, engaging with my staff members and our students reminded me of why being a part of this school makes me glad!

End of Quarter 2: We remind students that 2nd Quarter ends this week on Thursday, January 11th. No school will be held on Friday, January 12th for a teacher work day. The new semester/quarter 3 begins on Tuesday, January 16th.

Semester 2 Updates from Counselors: Remember that there will be no schedule changes at the semester if a student is enrolled in one or more of their top five elective choices. Lunch times may also change if a 4th period class is a semester elective class. Schedule changes are granted for level changes, support classes, 504 plans, and IEPs.

Course Requests & Scheduling for the 2024-25 school year: At the end of this month and the beginning of February, students will begin filling out scheduling cards for the upcoming school year. For 8th grade parents, please note that Alta Counselors will visit Indian Hills to pick up 8th graders’ Scheduling Cards on Wednesday, January 31st. More information will be forthcoming about cards for our 6th & 7th grade students.

History Day 2024: On Thursday, January 4, the library hosted the Utah National History Day Museum Exhibit where students displayed the projects they have been working on throughout the year so

far. Thanks to Mrs. Harrison and Ms. Shaw for all of their hard work and to all of the 7th and 6thgrade students who worked so hard to write thoughtful papers and design excellent displays, websites, and

presentations. The event was such a success. We congratulate all who will be moving on to the district level competition!

Incoming 6th Grade Orientation: On Tuesday, January 30th we will host an orientation for next year’s 6th grade students and their parents from 6:00-7:30 p.m. A general session will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the Kiva followed by an open house in the Commons.

Digital Citizenship Focus for January: 6th Did you know? A whopping 59% of preteens and teens surveyed by Common Sense reported using their phones between midnight and 5 a.m. on school nights. Common Sense Media has practical tips to help kids establish a healthy balance between phones and sleep. https://cnyns.org/48k6C2P

Library Events: The library held a winter reading contest over winter recess to win Amazon shopping sprees. We are pleased to announce the winners of that competition.

For Students

1st Place Kathrin Rennemeyer (7th Grade) – 7,589 minutes,

2nd Place Ellie Harris (6th Grade) – 5,468 minutes,

3rd Place Brockton Boone (6th Grade) – 4,706 minutes

For Staff Members

1st Place Krista Bernard (Student Center Secretary) – 5,002 minutes,

2nd Place Sheri Helm (Academic Support Center Assistant) – 2,322 minutes,

3rd Place Karlie Aardema (Assistant Principal) – 2,131 minutes

Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks to everyone who participated. Resolve to read more in 2024!


Chromebook Policy Updates: We have noticed that more of our students are coming to school without charging their Chromebooks. For second semester, we will update our Chromebook policy to encourage students to use available Chromebooks in their classrooms and limiting check-outs through the library. We encourage all students to give some extra focus to charging their Chromebooks as we anticipate these changes. More details to follow.


  • January 9th
    • Dance Concert for Dance 1-3 at 6:30 p.m. in the Kiva
  • January 9th:
    • School Community Council Meeting at 4:00 p.m. in the Warrior Room
  • January 11th:
    • End of 2nd quarter.
  • January 11th
    • Debate Tournament at Jordan High School (after school)
  • January 12th:
    • No school—Teacher Work day
  • January 15th:
    • No school-Martin Luther King Jr. Day observed
  • January 19th
    • Citizen of the Month at 7:30 a.m. in the Warrior Room
  • January 24th:
    • 9th grade orientation at Alta High School at 6:00 p.m. for current 8th graders
  • January 29th:
    • School day visit for 5th grade students from elementary schools
  • January 30th:
    • 6th grade orienta]on at Indian Hills at 6:00 p.m. for current 5th graders

We are better together at Indian Hills Middle School! Indian Hills Middle School Administration


INDIAN HILLS  Alta High Hawk Fair & Freshman Orientation 

WEDNESDA¥ JANUARY 24TH.  6:00 PM Alta High Performing Art Center


Warrior Support

What it looks like for Students:

  • ●  Students MUST arrive between3:00-3:15 in order to participate in

    Warrior Support.

  • ●  Students sit at the front of thelibrary at the tables.
  • ●  Students scan a QR code that takesthem to a Google Form they fill out.
  • ●  Students ask the teachers questionsand work on homework quietly.
  • ●  If teachers are not immediatelyavailable, students work on what they can while waiting patiently for help.
  • ●  Only students who need help stay for Warrior Support. Students who do not need the support will head home after 3:30.
  • ●  Students who are not following expectations for library behavior will be invited to return another day for help.
  • ●  Students should submit the Google Form at the END of the time they spend in the library to report what they accomplished with the time.
  • ●  Students must exit the library through the doors to the outside, not back into the building.

What it looks like for Teachers:

  • ●  Teachers come to the libraryimmediately after 7th period.
  • ●  Teachers help students with the QRcode to sign into the Google Form.
  • ●  Teachers circulate among students,offering help.
  • ●  Teachers invite students who arenot following expectations to leave

    and try again another day.

  • ●  Teachers ensure that every studentswho is in the library after 3:30 is

    here for Warrior Support.

  • ●  Library doors will be locked at 3:30when Miss McGowan leaves. After this, teachers ensure that students in the library are here for Warrior Support only.
  • ●  Teachers have students submit the form to report what they accomplished during the Warrior Support time. Then students exit through the outside door (not into the hallways), tidy up the library, and turn off the lights before leaving.


Warrior Support Time is …
Homework time ⚫ Help Time ⚫ Study Time ⚫ Quiet time

Warrior Support Time is not …
Friend Time ⚫ Goof Off Time ⚫ Hang Out Time

Warrior Support

Tuesdays – Thursdays ⚫ 3:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Purpose: To give students extra support from a teacher to help with homework or concepts not understood during class time.

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