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2019 - 2020 Digital Citizenship Plan

The 2019-2020 Digital Citizenship Plan continues to focus on three groups; students, parents and teachers. The plan will be as follows:

Students will once again have a presentation by NetSmarts during an assembly on February 18, 2020. In addition, students will receive monthly announcements focusing on the current “Tip of the Month for Digital Citizenship Success”.  These tips will also be added to the commons area information screens.  Students may also receive Digital Citizenship lessons each month by individual teachers based on curriculum needs.

Parents have access to online resources via the Indian Hills website that will help them help their student. The web site will contain a link to “Common Sense Media” and the “Parents Need To Know” tab. These tabs will direct them to information aimed at different age groups. Topics include: cellphones, screen time, social media and privacy.  In addition, resources are available during parent teachers conferences twice each year.

Teachers are given themed information each month in order to help them develop proper curricular supports and resources for student use.  Teachers will also be informed during a faculty meeting on some of the aspects of being a good digital citizen.

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