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PTSA October Newsletter


October 2023

1: Principal’s Message

2. Upcoming Events
3: Spirit Day
4: Spirit Wear
5. PTSA Student Board 6: PTSA Membership

7: Reflections
8: Digital Citizenship 9: The Student Center 10: PTA Advocacy

1. Principal’s Message

Fall is my favorite season of the year. It’s a time when summer fades into a crisp, cool air, when pumpkin-spiced treats are abundant, and a palette of fall colors emerges. One of my favorite quotations about fall is from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby where one of the characters observes that, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” (And I spent happy moments as a former ELA teacher teaching that text to my high school students many years ago.)

For teachers and students alike, things indeed start “all over again” in the fall when a new school year sets in. At this point in the school year, however, students’ full palette of colors are now emerging. For some students, that means excellent decision-making, and for others it means some healthy boundary-pushing. Regardless of where students may be, it’s an exciting mix that keeps us educators on our toes.

It is also helpful for us to remember that our students have a lot to learn at this age. They are learning how to navigate social situations, manage their time, troubleshoot conflict, and experience physical

changes, all while learning academic content in their classes. Meeting all of this learning with understanding and patience can go a long way, and that’s what we hope to do on behalf of all of our students each day.

Happy Fall!

2. Upcoming Events

4 (W) Spirit Day

13 (F) Citizen of the Month – 7:30 a.m.

9-13 (M-F) Digital Citizenship Week/White Ribbon Week

19-20 (Th-F) Fall Break

23 (M) Reflections Due

25 (W) Picture Make-Up Day

31 (T) Halloween Costume Contest

30-Nov 3 (M-F) Red Ribbon Week


3. Spirit Day

Teachers will dress up as students. Students will dress up as teachers. Make sure to dress up on Wednesday October 4th

4. Spirit Wear

Should you be interested in some Indian Hills spirit wear, visit this site to make your purchase! https://indianhills.memberhub.com/store?limit=21 &live=true

5. PTSA Student Board

The PTSA student board will meet October 11th from 3-4.

6. PTSA Membership

We hit the 200 member mark for the PTSA! Thank you for all who have given their support of the PTSA goals and programs and Indian Hills this year through purchasing a membership! If you like the things you are seeing like student of the month and teacher supports during the busy parent/teacher conference season, please consider joining now. We would love to see 300 members at our school this year!
Here is the link:

7. Reflections

Reflections due date is October 23rd.
All entries are submitted on-line: utahpta.org/ref

8. Digital Citizenship

Let’s Focus on Digital Citizenship!

Digital Citizenship is a way of thinking, being, and acting online. It’s thinking critically, being safe, and acting responsibly in a digital environment with real-world consequences. This month we will be hosting White Ribbon Week during October 16-18. During that week, we will have fun activities and trivia games with prizes to reinforce the following concepts:

  • ●  Being Inclusive – Good Digital Citizens are inclusive. They are open to hearing and representing multiple viewpoints.
  • ●  Being Informed – Good Digital Citizens are informed. They evaluate the accuracy, perspective, and validity of online information.
  • ●  Being Balanced – Good Digital Citizens are balanced. They are able to prioritize their time and activities online and off.
  • ●  Being Engaged – Good Digital Citizens are engaged. They use technology to solve problems and do good in the world.
  • ●  Being Alert – Good Digital Citizens are alert. They are aware of their online actions and know to be safe and create safe spaces for others.

    Any help you can give at home to reinforce these concepts would be appreciated!

9. The Student Center

Welcome to IHMS Student Center, where we are committed to creating a positive learning environment for every student. To ensure our availability to help your student, please email or call the Student Center at 801-826-7120
to set up an appointment with your counselor. Please look at the Student Center staff to know who to contact.

Academic Support
Warrior support is back and will continue to run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays throughout the school year. Any student who wishes to get extra help in any subject can go to the library from 3:00-4:00 p.m. for help from teachers.

Wellness Supports
The Canyons Family Center offers a variety of services including individual counseling, student-support groups, and parent-education classes.

Mental Health screener
Canyons School District is sponsoring free mental health consultations for students, ages 10-18, and their parents. Families are welcome to register for any date and location that fits their schedule. Upon registration, you will
receive a confirmation of your scheduled appointment. At the event, parents will sign a consent and complete a questionnaire, and
students will be asked to complete a screening tool. During the consultations, licensed counselors will discuss available resources to meet your child’s needs.
For questions please 801-826-5187

Safe UT
The SafeUT app provides a way to connect to licensed counselors that are ready to listen to any sized crisis or concern. Support is immediate and confidential, and as easy as reaching for your phone and sending that first message.

Small Groups

Small groups that will be offered throughout the school year are as follows:
Stress Management – “Stepping Up” (6th Grade Transition to Middle School) – Healthy Relationships – Self Esteem – Emotional Regulation

Please contact Ms. Gadsby (sarah.gadsby@canyonsdistrict.org) if you
think participation in any of the groups would be helpful for your student.

Parenting Support ClassIndian Hills is excited to offer a parent-education and support class, Parenting Students with Anxiety. The focus of the class is to provide
parents with education surrounding anxiety and positive parenting strategies that have proven successful with children in the home environment. Parents will be given the opportunity to problem solve issues and struggles that they experience as parents.

For this class to be offered, a certain number of parents/caregivers will need to be enrolled. Register at : Student Support Class or email sarah.gadsby@canyonsdistrict.org
Start date: September 21, 2023. Class to be canceled the week of Parent Teacher Conference (Sept 28th) Time: Thursday from 5:30-7:00 p.m. in the Warrior Room at Indian Hills Middle School.

Counselors in the Classroom
We love going into the classrooms and teaching our guidance lessons!
In October we will be teaching the following lessons: 6th grade: self advocacy and decision making “S.O.D.A”
7th grade: career exploration “Quick Pic” and “Reality Check” on keys to success

Getting involved
Joining an after school club is a great way to meet new friends and try something new! Please see the attached flier for information about after
school clubs.

10. PTA Advocacy

UTAH PTA Advocacy Conference is open for registration. Anyone is invited.

https://www.utahpta.org/advocacy-conference-20 23



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