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November 1, 2022 – Minutes

Indian Hills Middle School Community Council

Minutes: November 1, 2022

4:00 pm – Zoom


Voting Members: Karlie Aardema, Annette Alley, Katie Atkinson, Peter Baxter, Jason Dyer, Navina Forsythe, Doug Graham, Alan Layton, Michael Mayall, Roxann Wolfe

Non-voting Members

Alternates: Merinda Cutler and Mindy Cupello

PTSA President – Lisa Kendrick

Recurring Zoom Link: https://canyonsdistrict-org.zoom.us/j/86478511002?pwd=TW8zbXp2YStpeEpzeCsyd2JYdjNEQT09


Welcome and approval of minutes – Katie Atkinson, Chair

Doug moved that we approve October’s minutes.  Jason Dyer seconded.  All approved

  1. Living Leader Activity – Chili Cook-off (October), Hydration challenge (November)
    1. Graham explained the living leader and their role. He let them know about our chili cook off last Friday.  Stephanie Rosenberg won chili and Kerry Butcher won corn bread. 
    2. Upcoming activity is the hydration challenge. These activities are for our mental and physical health as staff members.
  1. Trust Land Amendment – approved and entered into state document
    1. We have made the adjustment for funding to come out of the correct places. Thank you for approving the social worker.  It is benefiting our school and our students already.
  1. Digital and Safety Plan final version
    1. We changed our wording to include addressing the needs of underrepresented students. We are also going to look at presenters who can come in and present on the topics in our plan.
    2. Peter Baxter asked about if we had received feedback from teachers or admin. Graham said that Mr. Layton represents our teacher voice on the SCC and so he did not send it out to all teachers. 
    3. Katie Atkinson asked about a budget and asked about assigning someone to find speakers. Katie Atkinson is going to work with Doug Graham and find a list of speakers to come visit our school. Jason Dyer mentioned that after winter break might be a good time.
    4. Graham presented the digital citizenship plan as well and the SCC did not have questions about the plan. Ms. Merket presented the plan to the SCC during our last month’s meeting.
  1. Student Center Update – Roxann Wolfe
    1. Thank you for approving Lynette Baird. She has been amazing and has just jumped in.
    2. Last month has been Utah College Application week. We are wearing college gear this Friday.
    3. They have rolled out the PCCR module with 8th Module needs to be done by November 22nd.  Counselors will be calling down students to talk about this with them.
    4. Community Club was crazy last week with over 40 students making slime. Next Community Club is playing board games. 
    5. Samantha has added music to passing periods and she has had over 100 song requests. We have had a lot of positive comments.  SCC members mentioned how much their students have loved the music.
    6. Sarah Gadsby is starting her groups (social skills, anger group, etc.). Parents and teachers refer students for these groups and parents sign consent forms to be a part of these groups.
    7. Mental Health screeners are available to anyone in the district
    8. Alta assembly on January 18th. Parent night is January 26th from 6-8 at Alta.  Registration will be done February 1st.
    9. Incoming 6th graders parent night is January 31st.
  1. PTSA Update – Lisa Kendrick
    1. PTSA meeting on Monday, November 7th – we will be putting together a nominating committee at this meeting
    2. PTSA spirit day is on Monday, November 7th -Red, White, and Blue for Veteran’s Day and service monthly theme. Students will write notes to Veterans at lunch time.
  1. Other items not listed
    1. Doug thanked dads that came in yesterday to help take pictures of students dressed up in their Halloween costumes.
  1. Adjournment
    1. Doug Graham moved to adjourn the meeting. Alan Layton seconded. 




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