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October 4, 2022 – Minutes

Indian Hills Middle School Community Council

Agenda: October 4, 2022

4:00 pm – Zoom


Voting Members:

  • Karlie Aardema
  • Annette Alley
  • Katie Atkinson
  • Peter Baxter
  • Jason Dyer
  • Navina Forsythe
  • Doug Graham
  • Alan Layton
  • Michael Mayall
  • Roxann Wolfe

Non-voting Members

Alternates: Merinda Cutler and Mindy Cupello

PTSA President – Lisa Kendrick

Recurring Zoom Link: https://canyonsdistrict-org.zoom.us/j/86478511002?pwd=TW8zbXp2YStpeEpzeCsyd2JYdjNEQT09


  1. Welcome and approval of minutes – Katie Atkinson, Chair
  • Karlie moved to approve minutes. Annette and Navina seconded.  All approved
  1. Digital Citizenship Plan presentation – Marissa Merket
  • Marissa presented about our digital citizenship plan
  1. Make note of TSSP amendment ratification and vote total officially for the notes – Doug Graham
  • We moved these funds to be able to hire a social worker to help with the need of being down one consistent counselor.
  • We all voted and approved this amendment.
  • The school board also approved our amendment.
  • We discussed that there is a resource of a substitute available, but this year they are at Brighton and there are not other candidates so we are lucky to have been able to have these funds and hire someone.
  1. New amendment needed – discussion – Doug Graham

Shifting of budgeted item from TSSP to Land Trust

  • We are having to move money over so that all of the budgets come out okay
  • Jason moved to approve this budget shift. Navina seconded.  Katie asked all members if they approve and all members approved.  Michael was not present at the time of the vote.
  1. School Safety Report (district provided) – Doug Graham
  • Doug went over our district safety plan from last year. It was proposed that we continue last year’s plan into this year.
  • We paid for calming kits last year. Every 6th grade teacher has them.  The individual kits are definitely being used.  Roxann is going to follow up with the 6th grade teachers and report back next week about the use of the kits.
  • Roger Moody is in charge of our school safety report and works with city officials as well as district officials to ensure that our school and walking routes are safe.
  • Doug will send out the template of the school safety plan as well as last year’s plan and SCC members will provide feedback.
  • It was brought up that we might need to address how to treat students who view things differently than we do and how to be kind in general.
  1. Student Center Update – Roxann Wolfe
  • Thank you to the SCC for providing the funds to hire Lynette Baird as a school social worker.
  • Community Club is meeting twice a month and doing fun activities. Between 20-30 students are showing up.
  • October is college month.
  • In the 6th grade doing lessons on self advocacy, words matter, and SODA (decision making).
  • In the 7th grade lesson on careers and choosing a career.
  • In the 8th grade they are preparing for high school by talking about graduation requirements, different diplomas, and rolling out the PCCR modules.
  1. PTSA Update – Lisa Kendrick
  • Working on bringing membership up. We are at 242 and the goal is 300.
  • Reflections is coming up this month and is due just after fall break. Student board is going to make video and add them to the announcements.  Also reaching out to Fine Arts teachers to have them advertise it.
  • PTSA is providing prizes for digital citizenship week.
  • Costume contest for Halloween
  • Spirit day is first Monday of every month
    • November is going to be tied to Veteran’s day and have a service opportunity at lunch time
  1. Other items not listed
  • In person or zoom?
    • Zoom is great for most people
    • January in person and April or May in person
  1. Adjournment
  • Annette moved to adjourn. Doug seconded.
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