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Weekly Newsletter Nov 6

November 6th, 2023

Dear Indian Hills Middle School Community:

This past week our band and orchestra honors students participated in an event for all honors musicians at Butler Middle School. From what Mr. Cox tells me, we did “awesome”.

What was equally awesome, at least for me, was the opportunity to lead the orchestra during class last week. I happened to be visiting the classroom as class began, and I crept up to the podium and began waving the baton. The students got quite a kick out of me trying to do something new I’d never done before. And they got a kick out of Mr. Cox teaching me a few tricks of his trade. I love how excited students get when they see us trying new things; they are positive and encouraging and that’s a win for everyone.

✔ IHMS Annual Food Drive: Attention Indian Hills Community! Our annual food drive is right around the corner. Did you know that the Utah Food Bank collects about 3 million pounds of donated food from community food drives just like ours each year? It may seem small, but what we donate is essential because it offers a variety of foods that the Utah Food Bank doesn’t always have from their corporate donations. This year, we are again going to do our part to help our neighbors in need by donating to the IHMS Food Drive. The Utah Food Bank reports that peanut butter, canned meat, boxed meals, soups, SpaghettiOs, canned fruits and canned veggies are always in high demand. The food drive will start on Monday, November 6th and end on Friday, November 17th. Each team at Indian Hills will have competitions and offer prizes for the teams who gets the most food donated. Please donate what you can to help ensure no one in our state goes hungry!

✔ College Week November 6th-10th: Our counselors want to remind you that College Week is this week, which will include some spirit days as we encourage students to start thinking about college!

✔ Library Announcement: Miss McGowan, our teacher-librarian, recently attended a meeting with a county library representative and learned something exciting! Did you know the county offers FREE live tutors? As long as you have a library card, the library offers live online tutoring from 1:00-11:00 P.M. every day. These tutors can provide homework help in math, science, reading/writing, social studies, PSAT/SAT, ACT, AP and state standardized tests. They can help with skill building, too. There is a 24- hour writing lab available. You can submit homework questions for expert guidance. There is an adult learning center and Spanish-speaking support, as well. Click here to register with your library card.

✔ Sweepers Needed: Canyons District is looking for students who wish to be sweepers in our schools. Students must be at least 14 years of age to apply. Pay starts at $11:45/hour. If students are interested or would like more information, call Nicole Holland at 801-826-5185.

✔ Warrior Support: Once again, a reminder that after-school academic support program run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays throughout the school year. Any student who wishes to get extra help in math—or any subject—can go to the library from 3:00-4:00 p.m. for help from teachers. Our Warrior Support expectations are outlined below to ensure that this time is respectfully utilized.

  • November 6th- 10th
    o College Week
  • November 10th
    o Veteran’s Day Observed
  • November 6th-17th
    o Food Drive sponsored by IHMS National Junior Honor Society
  • November 17th
    o Citizen of the Month Award Ceremony (7:30 a.m.Warrior Room)
  • November 23rd-24th
    o Thanksgiving Recess

    We are better together at Indian Hills Middle School! Indian Hills Middle School Administration:

    Shelly Karren Karlie Aardema Joeseph Olson


Nov. 6-10

Monday Nov. 6th At lunch: College photo booth with UVU’s mascot


All day: College scavenger hunt throughout school


At Lunch: College-themed Coloring pages


Before school in commons: College triva with prize wheel


Reward for students for participating in spirit day


Food Donation Drive Monday, November 6th- Friday, November 17th

Our goal: 10,000 Items Donated Let’s make sure no one goes hungry!

Double Points Day

Tues 7th: Canned Fruits

Wed 8th: Canned Meats

Thurs 9th: Canned Veggies

Fri 10th: Ravioli/Spagettios


Tues 14th: Mac & Cheese

Wed 15th: Chili & Soups

Thurs 16th: Boxed Meals

Fri 17th: Peanut Butter


Warrior Support

What it looks like for Students:

  • ●  Students MUST arrive between

    3:00-3:15 in order to participate in

    Warrior Support.

  • ●  Students sit at the front of the

    library at the tables.

  • ●  Students scan a QR code that takes

    them to a Google Form they fill out.

  • ●  Students ask the teachers questions

    and work on homework quietly.

  • ●  If teachers are not immediately

    available, students work on what they can while waiting patiently for help.

  • ●  Only students who need help stay for Warrior Support. Students who do not need the support will head home after 3:30.
  • ●  Students who are not following expectations for library behavior will be invited to return another day for help.
  • ●  Students should submit the Google Form at the END of the time they spend in the library to report what they accomplished with the time.
  • ●  Students must exit the library through the doors to the outside, not back into the building.

What it looks like for Teachers:

  • ●  Teachers come to the library

    immediately after 7th period.

  • ●  Teachers help students with the QR

    code to sign into the Google Form.

  • ●  Teachers circulate among students,

    offering help.

  • ●  Teachers invite students who are

    not following expectations to leave

    and try again another day.

  • ●  Teachers ensure that every students

    who is in the library after 3:30 is

    here for Warrior Support.

  • ●  Library doors will be locked at 3:30

    when Miss McGowan leaves. After this, teachers ensure that students in the library are here for Warrior Support only.

  • ●  Teachers have students submit the form to report what they accomplished during the Warrior Support time. Then students exit through the outside door (not into the hallways), tidy up the library, and turn off the lights before leaving.

Warrior Support Time is …
Homework time ⚫ Help Time ⚫ Study Time ⚫ Quiet time

Warrior Support Time is not …
Friend Time ⚫ Goof Off Time ⚫ Hang Out Time

Warrior Support

Tuesdays – Thursdays ⚫ 3:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Purpose: To give students extra support from a teacher to help with homework or concepts not understood during class time.

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