1180 E Sanders Rd, Sandy, Utah 84094

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Makerspaces are kits full of supplies.  Students can use the supplies to build and CREATE things.  If a student loves art, electronics, origami, building blocks, or a variety of other things, they can find a makerspace to help them IMAGINE new things to CREATE.


The library has board games and table games for students to play.  Students can enjoy playing chess, even if they have never played before.  Puzzles and pixel art is also available.   

Lunchtime Gaming

The Library hosts weekly Nintendo Switch lunchtime gaming sessions on Wednesdays.  If you would like to participate, please go to the PBIS store and purchase a lunch voucher. When your purchase is approved, it will be delivered to you.  You will only be allowed to purchase one voucher per month.  New vouchers will be released on the first school day of each month.

Remember: Lunchtime gaming only occurs once every week.  Please be courteous to others who may want to participate and give everyone a turn.  

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