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CSD Special Education Creates Plan to Provide Services Across Learning Formats

Whether children are learning in-person, online, or at home with parents when school starts anew on Aug. 24, Canyons District remains dedicated to providing Special Education supports to students. Parents who have questions or concerns about how to access Special Education services are encouraged to reach out to their child’s school or the Canyons District Special Education Department at 801-826-5022.  

Here is a quick rundown of how CSD’s Special Education Department will approach each of the learning opportunities provided to the Canyons community in fall 2020:  

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6th Grade Orientation

Hello Future Warriors! We are so excited to see you at 6th grade orientation on August 21st! Your WEB leaders have been working hard this summer to get ready for you. We bet you have some questions about orientation day, here is what you can expect…

You will arrive to the East side of the building between 8 and 8:15 am. There you will be greeted by some of our awesome mask-wearing WEB leaders! They will guide you down the pathway towards the back field. They will help you find your name tag for the day.

You will continue to the back field where you will see a stage set up. You will find a spot on the back field, facing the stage. We will have WEB leaders spread throughout the field to help remind us all to stay physically distanced as much as possible.

Once most of our 6th graders have arrived, we will begin our assembly! You will have a fun time cheering, laughing, and learning more about our school. At the end of the assembly, our WEB leaders will spread throughout the field, holding up number signs. You will look down at your nametag to find your WEB group number. You will be invited to line up behind your WEB leader. Group by group, you will follow your WEB leader into the school.

Inside the school, you will be led to a classroom with your WEB group (you and up to 10 other students). You will use hand sanitizer as you enter the classroom. Then, your WEB leader will lead you in some important activities to help you learn more about your WEB group and Indian Hills Middle School. When finished, you will use hand sanitizer again, and be taken on a tour of the school. This is when you can get out your class schedule and your WEB leader will point out the classrooms of the teachers you have! You will then return to the classroom you were in before where you can ask your WEB leader any questions you have about Indian Hills.

Your WEB Leader will lead you to the back fields for our short closing assembly. We will invite you to walk to the front of the school to find your bus, your ride, or to walk home!

We are so excited to see you and help you get ready to become an Indian Hills Warrior!

A message to our parents of 6th graders:

We understand that many of you are concerned about safety precautions. We will be using face coverings, gloves, hand sanitizer and modifying our activities on orientation day so we can avoid physical contact as much as possible. However, please be aware that as students move through the school during our day that there may be times where a physical distance of 6 feet can’t be maintained or that accidental bumps may happen.  We are doing our best to make this a fun and positive experience for everyone! We know that you and your 6th grader will make the best decision for your family about whether or not to attend orientation day.

Check our FAQs page if you have any questions that were not addressed:

Or contact any of the WEB Coordinators: 

Mrs. Holtry ( 
Mrs. Hamilton (
Mrs. Butcher ( 
Mr. Pulsifer ( 

We appreciate your help in making sure your kids are prepared and excited for an awesome orientation day. We, as the WEB coordinators, WEB crew and IHMS staff, can’t wait to see everyone on Friday the 21st!

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